Facebook Application Development

Facebook is currently the leading social networking site and it’s still growing at an incredible rate, adding millions of new users every month. The meteoric rise of Facebook can be traced to the moment they opened up their network with FB Connect, their API which allows outside developers to create applications that the Facebook users can install on their profiles to add additional functionality.

Many outside companies have built Facebook applications to attract visitors and customers to their website. Your website receives a large traffic boost as a result.

The type of application you need to develop depends on the type of industry your site focuses on. An entertainment based website can build applications like quizzes, games and surveys to attract visitors, review type websites can allow Facebook users to post their reviews to their profile, business software companies can create mini versions of their software to be used on Facebook (ie. contacts, calendars, word processors etc). For virtually any type of business, a suitable application can be created and promoted.

If you are looking for a Facebook application development company then Jove Tech can be your partner for the project. Our low cost Facebook application development services have been used by websites, businesses and entrepreneurs around the world and we’re ready to get started on your project right away. Jove Tech have Facebook developers standing by to work on your project.

Twitter Applications Development

Twitter is currently the darling of the web. With the highest growth rates out of all the social network and new media sites, Twitter is on a roll. The simplicity of the system and certain voyeuristic tendencies of the internet seem to be driving the growth. Essentially Twitter asks the user: “what are you doing?” and you obligingly tell Twitter, who in turn tells all your follows.

Twitter has included a powerful API in to their program which allows start ups and established web companies to build or enhance sites with the Twitter functionality. We have undertaken many different Twitter applications and has extensive knowledge on the power and limitations of their API.

You should consider using Twitter in some way on your website because it opens you up to a massive audience, and not just that, but various tech blogs are giving Twitter and websites built using the Twitter API so much free exposure at the moment.

Open Social Applications

OpenSocial is being pushed by the web goliath, Google. When a company as large as that has put itself behind a project, you need to sit up and take notice. It allows developers to create one application and with tiny adjustments, it’s compatible with a wide range of social networking websites. If you develop an application that takes advantage of OpenSocial, then it can be used on giants like LinkedIn, MySpace, Orkut, iGoogle, along with dozens of other high traffic websites.

The amount of exposure your OpenSocial application could get is incredible, combined, all the sites have more users than Facebook, and more unique users as they are likely to be from different countries.

A website that can use an OpenSocial application is called a Container. Jove Tech not only develops OpenSocial applications, we are also highly skilled in developing the Containers. This means that you can also take advantage of the huge range of apps available!

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